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    I think I should have one of these for my 300 (keyboard, no graffiti) but I want to know whether bugme is worth paying for if diddlebug is for free.
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    I wondered the same thing over a year ago when I had to choose between the two. I tried both versions and have found that diddlebug is just as effective as bugme. So why pay for a product that is effective as freeware. I fully recommend diddlebug.
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    I like diddlebug too. In fact I wrote to their team to see if they would support the "Send" command like Palm NotePad on OS 4.1/5.0.

    In Notepad you can doodle and then hit SEND and the scribble goes into a email attachment (VersaMail or SnapperMail) to be sent as a PNG file which is viewable in Internet Explorer on a PC.

    If anyone else that wants something like this I say write to the developers of Diddle and encourage them to do it. (Ya can't beat peer pressure )

    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...

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