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    i was thinking of mapping stroke of genious in silverscreen to lock and turn of my treo 180 .. so i found this software utility ..

    i need someone to test on their treo 180 and tell me whats the result of this software utility thanks .. your help is really appriciated ..
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    Take the dive yourself. It won't kill it. If there is a problem, uninstall it.
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    i'm not chicken ..
    i've tried it .. and i want to know your result ..
    appleman if you're so good at it .. why dont u try it and tell me the results ? unless you're too chicken to try it ...
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    No way man!! I am chicken, and I don't use SilverScreen anymore. Why don't you assign one of the little buttons in the task bar to power the device off? Or is it possible to assign the stroke of genius to do that, I don't remember.
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    can some one please test out this software on a treo 180 and tell me what the problem is .. thanks ...

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