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    I'm looking for a Windows 95 registration code. I have an old laptop I use around the house for surfing and the hard drive crashed.

    I've had to pull out the Quick Restore CD, which removed all files and programs and restored all of the original settings (Windows 95). In recent years I had upgraded this computer with 98 and 2000, who knew I would need the 95 documentation book and thus it got trashed.

    If you have no worries/fears with providing a 95 code, please e-mail to [removed]. I will then be able to install the other operating systems.

    Thanks In Advance,
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    Have you thought about upgrading? MS doesn't even support W95 any longer.
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    I had Windows 2000 on the computer before it crashed. I need the 95 registration code to get into Windows to upgrade to Windows 2000.
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    uh, no offense guy, but what you're asking for is illegal.
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    Yup - you need to contact Microsoft (sadly) to try to sort your worries out. Closing thread.
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