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    I run a mac at home G4 (500mhz DP OS9.2) and have a Windoze unit at work (celery processor) currently my Neo address book and calander is sync'd to the windows unit via ACT!
    What I would like to do is be able to have my personal phone list off the mac (as a separate address book) and add my personel calander to date book +
    I would be more than happy to buy a Address book program that could do this, if it can be done and does on exist
    BTW the neo was an upgrade from a newton 120 that was maxed out
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    I don't know about the Address Book thing (if there is an add-on address book that uses a separate database from AddressBookDB, but I do know that Datebook and DateBook+ use the same database in your device, so you can't sync them separately from each other.
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    ...and I don't know if this helps/answers your problem/question, but I highly recommend Now Up To Date and Contact, now owned by Power On Software. It works great for synching contact and calendar info with a Palm device, and you may be able to import/export data in ACT! format. Works with OS 9 and X.

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