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    when placing phone calls with my 270, I've had many of the people I've called complain that there is a major "echo" on their end. I've not had the same problem on my end and I had no problem with my previous phone on Cingular...[even now, when I replace the SIM and use it]

    Is anyone else having the same problem ??
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    Search this site--lots of info about the echo. There have been some upgrades and bug fixes for this, the best/most recent being the GPRS upgrade (even if you never use GPRS, this has some other nice features in addition to fixing the echo).
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    Thats definately the carriers switch. I get that all the time on my Nokia, Motorola, Nokia, but have yet to experience it on my Treo. I talk about 80,000 minutes a year and have done so for 5 years. It could actually be the local telco's switch that the carrier is using, but that is unlikely.


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