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    I'm working on software that will "compete" with VeriChat on many levels, although the overall design is entirely different. The software already works with ICQ, AIM, YIM, and eMail, and will not have any service fees. Indeed, the software itself will almost certainly be freeware (I built it for my own use).

    For people who don't need attachments on the Treo (I am in this group), the software can be used for all eMail needs as well. At the moment, for example, I use only my software and have found no need for additional IM or eMail programs.

    From what I can tell, my software has some features that VeriChat lacks (e.g. push email), and vice versa (e.g. a server model sending SMS). But as I said, they have very different interfaces and appear to have been written for somewhat different purposes. My purpose is to have a single piece of software keep me in touch with my email and chat buddies, but it is NOT intended as a complete eMail solution (e.g. attachments, mailing lists, etc...)

    If anyone is interested in using an early version, with rough edges and some PC-based setup, let me know. Please include what services you use and how many frequent chat "partners" you have. Special feature requests will be considered, but (again) not guaranteed.

    Requirements: Treo 300, IMAP eMail account, patience, humor. I can point folks at an excellent IMAP host, if desired. Without an IMAP eMail account, the software will simply do instant messaging.

    I'll check this board for queries, questions, etc..., or you can send me mail at if you're interested. I expect an early version to be available in about a week.
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    i would be interested in beta testing. sorry to sound dumb but not exactly sure what IMAP email is. i know i have pop3 accounts and an AOL account. where would IMAP accounts be found?
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    email already sent.


    Imap is email (usually but not always on an exchange server)
    that holds the mail, all storage is server side. its the best way to get and send email other then using exchange and outlook
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    I'm game for a little testing......I am wondering what an IMAP is also. Is that like yahoo or hotmail? If so, I have both.

    I also currently have ICQ, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! as clients. Although I am not using ICQ on palm right now. I don't like having to be on an always on "leash". I use verichat right now and if you are making something better, I would definitely like to try it. If not, hopefully everybody will let us know how it works.

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    I don't need the e-mail part of the program because I am a registered snappermail user, but I'm very interested in the IM part since I use ICQ and verichat doesn't yet support ICQ. I have approximately 12 contacts on my list and I chat a little bit. What happens when you are not in the program? Are you still logged on? What happens if someone sends you an IM while in another program on the Treo? You can e-mail me the trial version, I would be happy to take a look at the program.
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    IMAP is a form of reading your mail, much like POP3.. but the difference is you don't download your mail as a bunch of msgs, and then delete them off the server. You just view your msgs one at a time off the server. This enables you to have many different email clients, and different computers accessing your IMAP folder and it will be the exact same status everywhere you go. If you were to try it with POP3 it would be different each place. Sure you could select "leave messages on server", but every message would be marked as "read" because it's been downloaded, and if you delete your local copy.. the remote copy is still there to be downloaded next time a different client connects.

    IMAP is the perfect solution for remote mail with a PDA... it's sync'ed everywhere. It's also the backend to Lotus Notes and Exchange type mail services.
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    Will it work on a 180 or 270?
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    Alright the heat is on! Anything with the word "Free" in it and I'm interested. I know it hasn't been a week yet but any word on progress? Any thoughts on making it OpenSource?

    Goodluck and Thanks!

    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.
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    Say you already own the domain www.[yourlastname].us and want to setup an IMAP email address of [yourfirstname]@[yourlastname].us. Do IMAP hosting solutions exist for individuals (i.e. not companies)?
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    If you are in a position to run your own web server on your own hardware, you can probably also get software to run your own IMAP server.

    I run all my own services.

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