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    Verichat ain't cheap.
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    I was a beta tester, and helped them with several problems throughout. I would not think it's woth that much. It's a nice little program, but $25???

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    It still doesn't help me as it does not support ICQ. When will they release something that supports ICQ.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    FWIW, since AOL bought Mirabillis (ICQ) they added some kind of AIM<-->ICQ gateway -- as if IM wasn't wonky enough. You can log into AIM with your ICQ# and PW, but it only works like 1%.

    From what I tried today, the ICQ contacts never show online status, and I had a heck of a time even getting a message to go between my ICQ account and the AIM account. I tried licq software, ICQ's java software (, AIM on Windows, and VeriChat.

    In fact the ONLY successful IM was when I logged into VeriChat with my ICQ#, and then sent an IM to my AIM account which was logged in on my PC. I tried to reply to the IM from the PC but the AIM software bonked about the user being unavailable or something, and nothing showed up on VeriChat.

    It's supposed to work (AIM<-->ICQ or something like that) I gather, at least from reading the forums where some users do this with their hiptops.
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    See my post on this subject below:


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