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    I haven't heard anyone with this problem, but my Treo 300 clicks on and the screen lights up every 10 minutes or so, 24/7, even when I've turned off wireless mode AND flipped the lid shut. Its really distracting + tends to drain the battery. The only thing Sprint has said is that it is a "mysterious" occurance (quoting their handbook!) that can occur when receiving a direct message (not applicable hear) or because of "thired party applications."

    The only ones I've downloaded are Sprint PCS Biz Connect ans Eudora (which maybe I should kill since I'm not using it).

    Any thoughts or similar ecxperiences would be great to hear. Thanks + Happy New Year! - Mike
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    Do either of those programs poll for mail?
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    Apologize but I am technically declined! I imagine Eudora may so maybe I should just kill it since its not in use. I have been under the impression that Sprint Biz connect does only when wireless mode is enabled but perhaps I'm wrong!

    - Mike
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    Maybe eudora is set to check your mail every ten minutes. I don't use it but if wireless is turned off the program may not be able to check and just turns on can't conect and quits.
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    I've seen a similar problem. I tracked it down to multiple hacks. Start eliminating them to find the problem.

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