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    Since I've been unable to reach anyone from Sprint with even a remote idea of how to help - really hoping someone can give me a little advice. I understand that I have to choose to sync to either Palm or Outlook, but not both. Since I use the sync on my Palm To-Do List and Addresses often I chose Palm, but then I can't sync my Outlook e-mail contacts! I'm using Sprint Biz Connection Personal Edition.

    What is the best way to proceed?? It seems like it would be a pain in the a** to try and export my Outlook contacts into Palm since that wouldn't be very accessible when writing e-mails (guessing I'd have to copy the e-mail address then paste it into the e-mail address or something).

    Wondering if maybe I should re-load the Treo software every few weeks, choose "Sync with Outlook" and then have all my e-mail contacts on my Treo, then re-load and choose "Sync with Palm" for everyday use with my To-Do List etc.

    Is there a better way? Thanks alot - much appreciated!!
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    You might consider using MS Outlook for email, contacts, to-do and notes. You can then sync you Treo to Outlook and not use the Palm desktop for anything. This has been working well for me for several years. With my configuration, I don't use the Sprint biz connection--just the standard network hotsync feature.

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    Thanks Phil. I've gotten used to using Palm addresses + To-Do, but what you told me makes practical sense. Are you satisfied with these features on MS Outlook + do you know if they work as well as Palm?

    Thanks - Mike
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    When I got my first Palm back in, I think, 1996, I used the Palm desktop for several months. Back then, I was also using Eudora for mail resulting in two different nickname/contacts lists (one in the Palm desktop and one in Eudora). I switched to outlook and never looked back--it's really nice to have all those apps in one place and to get them reliably hotsynced. At the time that I switched, I felt that, in all cases, Outlooks features equalled or surpassed those in the Palm Desktop. That was probably v1. of the Palm Desktoop, though, and I don't know how it has changed over the years.
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    I use Outlook for everything and it syncs up with my Treo wonderfully. Import all your stuff from the Palm desktop into Outlook and make your life easier. You will be very pleased.
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    I'm going to move everything into Outlook then and just kill all my Palm applications. Llynx - do you use Biz Connection for the e-mail still? - I know Phil mentioned that he doesn't. Wondering if I should keep it or use some other app. I did download Eudora but have never used it.\\Happy New Year.

    - Mike
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    Mike I do not use Biz Connection, I use Treo Mail and it works fine for me. You have many choices for email and they can get confusing. Eudora is free but I don't like the layout much. Treo Mail is integrated to work best with the Treo and uses the SMS function to notify you that you have unread mail waiting (if you set it up to go fetch your mail automatically). I really like that feature and find it very useful. Good luck!
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    I have some issues with Outlook contacts and the to-do list when I am traveling and have to dial into the corporate server so I use the Palm desktop.
    After a few trials with my old Clie' and now my new Treo I am able to sync email to Eudora, Calendar to Outlook and contacts and to-do to Palm Desktop.
    It's really not that hard once you use the Outlook conduit install program on the Handspring CD and the hotsync settings in the Palm Desktop.
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    I have my contacts sync'd with Outlook at home, but at work we use a different email app not supported by palm, but there is a way to send email directly from Palm Desktop -

    go to the addresses & select the person you want to send to, then click the Edit menu option and 3/4 of the way down the list you should see Email...

    if you click it, you will be brought to your default email software with the person's email in the "To:" field.

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