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    I've got a treo 300 and use the standard mail app. to sync (local/wirelessly) to Outlook/Exchange. This works well, but the Iambic mail product has some better user interface/ease of use features that I like. I've downloade the evaluation version of Iambic mail, and have a couple of questions (no support from Iambic on demo software):

    1) SMS: does anyone know if Iambic is planning to make SMS work on the Treo 300?

    2) HTML: does the HTML-stripping feature work for you? Is there some (possibly PC-side) configuration involved to get this to work?

    3) General comments: does anyone have any general comments about this product? It looks pretty good, but I'm concerned about the lack of pre-sales support and real technical details in the docs.

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    Here's some follow-up info on my own question--I sent a note to sales@iambic and they replied:

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    Subject: Re: 2 Iambic mail pre-sales questions


    1) The html is stripped in downloaded (via wireless) messages not synched messages.

    2)You should have an account for SMS messages... it's automatically created if your handheld supports it.


    iambic Software


    In my case:
    1) I sync wirelessly and thus, evidently am not entitled to HTML stripping


    2) The treo 300 does (albeit with some limitations) support SMS, but I get no automatic SMS account.


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