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    One of the best kept secrets (due to lousy marketing) is Psion's Travel Modem. It's 56K, connects with the Treo 90 by IR and runs for 4 hours on two AA cells. I don't even think it's being made anymore, but I found it in stock at for $130 at the HP online store. They're peddling it for the Jornada, but it's the standard version that works fine with the Treo90.

    I configured the Wireless Suite that comes with the 90 and OneTouch Mail worked without a hitch. I also connected AvantGo by modem with no problem. I didn't have a chance to play with Blazer, but it connected fine.

    I've never been a fan of OTMail, as the Handspring version of the App is what they were using for OS3.1 and doesn't even bring up the menu when you tap the top left of the screen. This version easily does VCard attachments, but I've never received a VCard attachment in my life. A more practical solution is using the standard palm mail app in conjunction with TopGunPostman. TGP is a freeware app (out of development) that just links Palm mail via modem. It's drawbacks are a 32K message size limit and no attachments. But for basic email, it's solid.

    The IR range of the modem is short. This was probably one of Psion's tricks for improving battery time. You just stick the 90 on a table about three inches away from the modem. Press the On button on the modem and you're set.

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    Update: Blazer works great. Tried SnapperMail. Wow! Opens attachments seamlessly. Tap on jpg or zipped file and it opens it. Even unzips and installs Palm apps. Very cool.

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