im sending this from my new treo 300 picked up yesterday. I had planned to by from amazon for the rebates, but there was a problem. I wasn't likely to get the treo activated in time for the $50 sprint rebate. so I'm not a spcs user but I've heard so much about retention that I deciced to try. called clair and said retention. the first cs rep was great. she figured out how to do it so that I pick up the phone @ the spcs store, getting the $50 rebate instantly, then put me on a plan that's a normal plan (85/mo w/ 2000 AT, 3000 NW @ 8, unlim pcs2pcs, first inbound min free, second phone, unlim vision) to match the amazon deal, she gave me $100 equip credit and 1 month ($85) credit. so its not the best deal out there, but its a little better than amazon.

I've been installing ang configuring, the treo is awesome. tomorrow I try wireless access from laptop!