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    Originally posted by 003oret
    Also known as US CODE TITLE 16 CHAPTER 73 Sec. 5301.

    What does this thread have to do with the endangered species act?
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    Originally posted by 003oret

    Oh I forgot it's you who sign my checks Mr. "Bootyrooter" or whatever you refer to yourself as on this board. My allegiance is
    to the fighting pilots of naganawa and my country.

    Forget it. Was going to Flame. But no sense.
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    Originally posted by Flurmin
    Go to App Launcher, Prefs, and select Network. Next to the "locked" icon is a "modify" button which, if pressed, gives me a warning about the dangers of changing network settings which if you press "ok" unlocks the network settings, at least on mine . . .

    Thanks, but that doesn't work. Mine is locked in and will not allow me to do anything.
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    It was not my intention to start any flamin threads. To those who helped, thanks, and to those who didn't, thanks anyways. Anyhow, I know the 300 will work here as I have seen many sprint phones used in this country, it's just that their softwares or codes are more accesible as they are samsung, motorola, etc., Heck, our carrier belongs to Verizon and their technicians had never heard of the TREO. We do work on the same CDMA frequency as Sprint does. All I need is a code and the way to enter it that will allow me to access the treo settings, erase the Sprint data and enter my own carriers info such as the ESN # and the PRL Rev.and any other info.
    If these is illegal in the US, which I doubt, as I am changing my settings just the same as I would a carrier (free competion right?) the so be it. They will have to arrest me and 30 others that are in the same situation as I am. Exchanging it for a GSM treo is out of the question as our gsm provider, france telecom (cingular in the US I think) really sucks when it comes to coverage.
    Anyway, thanks again. Maybe you'll see my Treo up for sale at ebay soon.
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    Here is your final solution.

    email me and I will be able to help you.
    Jeff Schaffer
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