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    Hi, everybody, I know that Handspring doesn't make a solar battery for the Treo 300, but does ANYbody make a solar battery for the Treo line?

    I mean, it's easy to get a solar battery for Nokia cell phones, etc. Why not the Treo?
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    Check out this link:

    Not sure how/if you'll be able to connect it, but you could get the battery charger and recharge the batteries for it with the solar charger.

    Probably way more cumbersome than what you're looking for...
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    The issue we face with the Treo line is the internal, non-changeable battery that HS uses.
    It was a great idea to start with. To be able to charge your battery in the cradle and not have to worry about power. The downside, if you don't charge it, there's no replacing it. One other thing I don't think HS envisioned was Sprint making Vision a flat rate. Once that started, everyone started turning the data on full time. Between that and the phone, battery times took a major hit.
    As for a solar charger, the previous poster mentioned solar battery chargers but it won't work for the Treo.
    One option is this:
    It uses a 9V battery. I have a battery charger at home. I'll just pick up 2-4 rechargeable 9V batteries, charge them up and i'm good to go for quite some time.
    I believe this is one of the issues Treo owners have been yelling at HS about.
    HS can you hear me now......GOOD
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    There's also some other battery based backup chargers available -

    In theory, you can get one of these, then recharge the aa/aaa/9v battery in the solar charger and *sorta* run off solar...

    Of course, I do wonderr about the charge time of 12-36 hours on those solar chargers... There aren't too many places where the sun stays out that long!

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