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    I've been the proud owner of a Treo300 for 4 days now and so far I am very happy. I've been reading the forums on this site for a couple weeks.

    Treocentral is the only "active" website I've found that discusses all things Treo. By active I mean people actually post messages and there is alot a discussion. Are there any other active treo "fan" sites out there?

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    Why look else where when you have the best here!

    But to answer your question look at the bottom of the Home page at TreoCentral for "links". You'll find some other treo forums there and however good they may be, they are not nearly as active or good as TC.
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    tc is definitly the best site I've found for Treo information. I'm a big fan of but that doesn't mean I won't go to for another angle.
    I've looked at most of the links on the main page but was not very impressed.
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    I'm don't want you to leave but getting the different angles is important. (the 2nd best Treo only site)

    than i personally also daily chekc
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    If you find another decent treo site, get them to come here! Hehe.


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