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    I'm pretty new to all excuse me if this has been covered before.

    I downloaded AOL (V 3.0 build 029) to my new Trio300 (with Sprint service) and using the "another ISP" option set about connecting to AOL. As it turns out I can connect on six of my seven screen names...the seventh being (You Guessed It)...the one I actually use.

    Actually if I'm connected to AOL via my desktop computer I can sign on via the Trio300 to the troublesome screen name...but that is the only way.

    Has anyone else experienced this?


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    I havent experienced your problem. But I keep gettin an error message snac not handled when signing on with sprint signing on thru aol is no problem but cost money. Anyone?

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    My co-worker got a treo after he saw mine. He uses aol. Is sprint going to charge him extra for using aol dialup via the treo?
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    if he is using dial-up, which he shouldn't be but it is possible, he would be getting charged extra because technically treo service (vision) does not include data dial-up. i did it by mistake when i first got my treo, and got charged a few cents for the few minutes i was on. a sprint customer service person was surprised because it's not technically included in my plan. all treo's should have the $10 per month unlimited web service (vision)

    he should be accessing aol via his always-on vision connection, in which case the time is included in the unlimited vision. he has to check his connection options. the software still includes a dial-up option because it is compatible with other palms.
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    I'm using the connection option "Another ISP" so my connection from the Treo300 to AOL is via Sprint...and since my AOL plan is unlimited...I don't see where I'll be charged extra.

    Hard to say without knowing what plan your co-worker is on

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    Thanks, I'll grab his treo tomorrow and check it out.
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    I use the always on vision another isp connection and most of the time I get snac not handled???? Is anyone getting this??
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    As I said in the original post of this thread....I can connect on six of my seven accounts via the "Another ISP" route...the seventh just fails after "Starting Services."
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    yes you can connect "non-vision". and yes sprint charges separate from vision . it is under I think "casual use wireless web minutes" or something on your bill. incidentally, if you send a fax from your treo it also accesses these "caual w.web mins. so why even bother using your own isp, wheb sprint charges you on top of what you pay aol? also when you do connect with your own isp, it's not an "always on". it's a royal pain switching to phone and back... anyway, there's my 2 cents.
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    Originally posted by tcronk
    I use the always on vision another isp connection and most of the time I get snac not handled???? Is anyone getting this??
    I haven't seen this issue before as I use AOL 3.0 without any problems. You might want to try un-installing it and reloading it to see if this helps solve the problem.
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    Where can I get AOL 3.0?
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    does aol 3.0 download emails to youre phone or does it simply allow you to view them in online mode on the server? if it downloads the email - can you set it up to do so at regular intervals?
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    It downloads them to your phone.
    No, you cannot set up reg intervals to download automatically.
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