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    Some of the stuff is hilarious. I mean really--this can't be done with a memo?'smycar_.shtml
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    from all the crap i see on tv, at the mall, most of the radio (tune in to KUT on the web for good stuff) and looking at how the people of the US vote, i'm not at all suprised that there is a ton of this crappy software out there. If people really did think, they'd have had a handheld (HS hopefully) long ago. At least HS has finally started some real marketing by partnering up with Sprint (if you call it that). TMobile doesn't seem to acknowledge that we're here, and do you ever remember HS advertising anywhere? How long has Palm and most of the apps been around? The masses are finally getting the idea of what a handheld can do, but i'm sure they have no idea what to actually do with one once in their hands. I can't say I'm already bored of my Treo, but I am already thinking of next year, when we may get a bright (outdoors) screen, bluetooth, SD slot, and perhaps a usable case (i'm piling them up for no apparent reason as the Treo is usually in my pocket or hand or on the desk)

    I'm ashamed of how ignorant and uneducated our country has become, we have such great potential, mostly just being wasted.

    Do they have a program to tell you how much paper to use when wiping your a**? or one that makes your mate calm down? (nice way to put it eh?)


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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Some of the stuff is hilarious. I mean really--this can't be done with a memo?'smycar_.shtml
    I agree... It must be a windup or perhaps written by a kid experimenting with CodeWarrior
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    Hey, but it lets you include a sketch! (Of course, so does DiddleBug... )

    I LOVE, but you sDO sorta have to watch out for the worthless space-eating programs you can do with something else better.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    How about a 536K(!) version:,where'smycar.shtml

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