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    I received my 5th replacement unit two weeks ago. Like the other 180's it worked great for the first few weeks. but... This unit has a different problem than the others. Its just plain weak. The cell phone does not work in any building. It also does not work along my normal driving route near as well as the others or my wifes phone (same carrier, cheaper phone) The 180 is great but i am convinced they just dont work.
    Anyone have a good experieance with a 180?
    Anyone ever get money back from Treo?
    For the past 8 months i have had use of the Treo for about 3 months the rest of the time has been down time or waiting for a replacement.
    Anyone know the secret to making this thing work consistantly?
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    I've had my Treo 180 since March. Never a problem.
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    actually, bettet reception than my Nokia 8260. Very pleased for my first week!
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    I'm on my 4th machine - the longest survivor, 3 months - the shortest, 3 days

    If you are sick of the infamous broken Treo phenomenon and you would like a refund, I believe you have a very good case.

    If you wish to persevere (as most of us have done), demand a 270 - after 5 machines, I think you deserve one. If you have no joy, write to:

    Donna Dubinsky
    Corporate Headquarters
    Handspring, Inc.
    189 Bernardo Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94043

    I think most will agree that if Nokia had such problems with a phone, they would have recalled them - in fact, they did so recently...
    Your life as a Treo ?
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    Originally posted by desoto

    Anyone have a good experieance with a 180?
    Anyone know the secret to making this thing work consistantly?
    Mine has been up and running for about six months in UK. No mechanical problems or software failures. From past Palm experience, I resist temptation to use any hacks and generally stick to preferences as defaulted on installation. Compared to the VisorPhone I had before 180, the Treo is magic. As to carrier, I use Orange with GPRS enabled and have had no cause to complain about reception other than volume does not seem constant.
    Are there any trusted stats that indicate what main problem is. My main concern is that as newer Treo come on line, we 180s will be left in cold with problems that might arise.
    John W
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    I'm sure I'd be on my 3rd 180 by now if I'd returned mine when it first broke in Oct but after reading on here decided to just keep it and stick with the ear piece, but this now takes the cake:

    Today I downloaded the GPRS (I have T-Mobile) but choose the not to upgrade to a data plan, but only wished to receive the enhancments otherwise that were noted on Handsprings web site. I followed all the directions completely but now encounter a ďDataMgr.c,Line:7025,DmWritemWriteCheckfailedĒ message whenever I try to connect to my carrier ó hence the phone is useless.

    It has been my experience in the past that T-Mobile is not the most helpful either in such situations where it involves Handspring and will bounce me back to your company.

    I do not have any 3rd party programs on my machine unless you count an Entourage Conduit, but Iíve had that on there since August with no problem so this must be something to do with GPRS

    How an I un-install GPRS and just go back to what I had.

    Itís an unfortunate situation I am in as I was one of the first 180 buyers in February, and have NEVER been able to use my Blazer. I have a roadrunner broadband account which is inoperable with Blazer, as is AOL; hence I canít even do minimal surfin on this until so in fact I payed $400 for a nice-looking address book with a cell phone attached

    In addition (like innumerable 180ís Iíve read on TreoCentral) I have to use the phone with only the earpiece as the hinge wire cracked last month so it canít work like a phone. I hesitate to order a replacement because itís obvious only a few 180s were made and Iíll end up getting sent 5 refurbished pieces of crap over the next year, that is if I make it under warrenty which ends on 2/18 (even though the thing wasnít shipped to me for 3 weeks later)

    Not only that but when I first order the unit I was QUITE SPECIFIC to the representative that the unit must work with OS-X and Entourage, and we both know it was a LONG TIME before any of that happened (like 6 months after I received the item)

    Sorry, but overall Iíve been very disappointed with Handspring. Iím sure this has been a hard product to manufacture and sell, but in Handspringís rush to get the product out before their competitors itís been rather destructive.

    I know you may not be the write person to write this tome to, so if not kindly direct me who to send this email to for better attention.
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    Waiting on number 4 to arrive via Airborne Express.

    Handspring quality control is awful, but the GPRS upgrade made the phone almost ideal (no software update could overwhelm the huge hardware flaws like no replaceable battery, no lighted keyboard, etc)

    Maybe the new Kyocera will force Handspring to clean up it's act!

    Good thing I bought that extended warranty, otherwise I'd be REALLY upset. At this point it's become mildly amusing. . .
    mildly. . .

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