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    how can i have the kb light up when i type??
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    Push the power button twice quickly, the kb will light up and screen will dim.
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    Install HACKMASTER or XMASTER and add GLOWHACK. this feature has a timer to activate keyboard light at what time at nite and to not turn on after whatever time in the morning. I use it and love it. It also dims the display for night use.
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    must kill the batteries
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    Originally posted by quake8
    must kill the batteries
    I use glowhack also. my batt life is probably down, but I pretty much charge the unit every night anyway.

    As long as I'm not on the phone or on data transfer too much I can get more than a day on 1 full charge with glowhack on and still using the pda from time to time

    You can always turn it off if you are going to be away from a charging source for an extended period...

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