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    Anyone know what happened to Marc Blanc the talented developer for Chatteremail? He went to Palm then decided to leave. What's he doing now? WebOS is finally being open sourced and that community needs talented guys like Marc. Just wondering, because I need to move on from WebOS for my phone. Unless......
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    I was actually just thinking about him the other day and also wondering what happened to him after his departure to Palm.

    He was amazing, and I miss some of the features Chatter had!
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    Wow. Blast from the past. Marc is the guy that told me how to run a palmos program in the background which in turn lead me to writing the most powerful irc client for that platform which became the most successful program I ever wrote

    So I agree, I hope he is doing well :-)
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    After he left Palm I heard he was going to do Android development. Specifically, develop a better email app for it. I never heard anything else so it be nice to know what he's up to nowadays.
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    wikipedia says he's working for google.
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    I haven't seen or heard from him in a good long while, but the previous post is correct: When I last spoke to him, he was working for Google on Android development. He is incredibly talented and was amazingly responsive to user requests and suggestions. His departure was a big loss for Palm.
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    Thanks for the info. Maybe things won't be that bad when I move to Android soon.

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