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    Hello everyone..

    Resently I started using Verichat with only AIM. I must say this application is very good and very usefull. I started to notice constant "FATAL RESET"'s. I started to blame it on other software I have loaded. I finally started to place the blame on Verichat since it would occur only while chatting. That pattern was once I was waiting for a chat reply I would close the treo and wait. Once I got a reply I would open Treo and bam.. The darn Fatal Reset would appear. Sometimes It would appear out of the blue. I looked under ABOUT in Verichat and noticed I had v1.0 and in looking on the PDAPPS website they have v1.02. Is anyone else having issues or am I the only one??? Please advise. Thanks!!

    Since I wrote this I have removed v1.0 and installed v1.02. See if it helps.
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    I haven't had this happen, but then I haven't done the exact sequence you mention. verichat has been belly belly stable to me.
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    Wow, so THAT's what the problem was. I too checked build and it was 1.0 on my device... Apprarently just sycning the new one doesn't do the upgrade. So, I'm deleting and syncing the new version. Hopefully that'll clear up my fatal exceptions...

    ** Post-install, checking the build still is 1.0 in 'help', and a never-failing 'fatal exception-reset' when the device syncs to install... After the beep, the error message--but then it appears to work. Will keep you posted if I get any errors.
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    i get the fata errors too. i don't think they should charge for it until it's a lot more stable. before when I would email them about problems, they would release a newer version with fixes. now when I email them about problems, they basically say that it's my problem (no more fixes) and that many people are using it without problem. but what about those of us still having problem? do we not count? will there be anymore fixes? don'y get me wrong, I am greatful that pdaapps has taken the time to create this (among other) amazing apps. I just hope they haven't stopped the "fixes". especially when they start charging...
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    I must say since my first post. Since removing v1.0 and installing v1.02 I have noticed a big difference in stability. I have yet to get "FATAL RESET" and am able to stay chatting pretty much all day until batteries last. I would recommend those getting FATAL RESETS to double check your running v1.02 under the 'about' tab.


    Happy New Year to all!!

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    What hacks are you using? I have noticed the same problems. I'm going to try and go without power jog and my hacks for a couple days to see if that helps.
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    On my device, both Verichat and PowerJog interoperate happily.

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