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    My brother sent me an SMS message from his phone (not a Treo). When I view the message on my Treo 300, it looks like:

    No Caller ID 10:00 am
    New Short Mail. Select "Go" to read it.

    The message is followed by a URL ending in There's no "Go" button or link, but when you open the entire message in SMS, the URL highlights, and a "Browse" button appears. When the browse button is clicked, Blazer fires up, apparently to retrieve the URL. I then get an error message about Blazer not being able to open the requested page.

    I've received SMS messages from other phones with no problem.

    Any ideas on what this means?
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    Yea, it means you need Treo300SMS.
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    I'm aswering this assuming you have TreoSMS since you say you can receive SMSs from some but not all. If you have him on your short list at, then when he SMSs you from the phone # listed as his shortlist entry, you will get this msg. To get rid of it, delete his name from your shortlist. Better yet, delete all names from your shortlist, assuming you have or know where it is.

    If the initial assumption is wrong, then yes, get TreoSMS.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm realizing that my understanding of SMS is a bit incomplete.

    I thought that the power of TreoSMS is that it allows you to send SMS, while the built-in SMS app only allows you to receive SMS.

    I've had others send me SMS messages from Cingular Nokia phones that I've been able to read perfectly, but when my brother tried to send me an SMS from his Verizon Motorola phone, I got the funny link rather than the message. I'm not sure why it should matter what phone/service is used, but my guess is that SMS isn't totally standardized, so that inter-carrier messages don't always work properly.

    I'm assuming that TreoSMS deals with these differences?

    I've also found that if my brother sends the message to my SMS email ( rather than to my phone number, I can read the message perfectly. Perhaps there is a difference in the way his phone handles messages, depending on the recipient.

    I've not tried TreoSMS yet, but I will give it a shot.
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    There are tons of posts on this subject. You might want to try a search. Suffice to say, you need Treo300SMS. This will solve your problem. I got SprintPCS to pay for mine because of the SMS (Short-Mail) limitations of the "standard" Treo 300.
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    Sprint's SMS feature is not developed at all. It allows for one way messaging unless you use the website exclusively where you can send and receive. But that would defeat the purpose.

    Yes, TreoSMS allows true 2-way messaging os SMS via the sprint servers. However, don't forget to remove people from your sprintpcs vision short list.

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