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    anyone been able to get moviefone to work on treo 300? i'm using moviefone.pqa file...should this work? if not, does anyone know where to get the right application file?
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    It works just fine. i am posting this from a theater - found the movie listing using the Moviefone PQA. Are you sure you have a' the web clipping files insta'ed on your Treo ?
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    thanks for tip; i installed web clipping app. BUT still having a problem...

    i get to the moviefone search page; enter my criteria and hit GO. but keep getting the following error message:

    your handheld could not connect to server.
    wait a few minutes and try again (iNet1410)

    thoughts? suggestions? tips?

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    you need a live 3g data connection . when I use pdq's they never connect/dialout so connect first!
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    You may also need to reset the palm pqa clipping proxies. Under prefs, select "wireless" from the list at top right of screen. Tap in the proxy box and choose default (it should reset to I think I had the same problem and this fixed it.

    There is detailed info with screen shots available at:

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    There is detailed info with screen shots available at:
    yeah now how do i delete these files :"inet library, security library, web library"? i go to delete and can't!!!help!!!!!!!!!
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    thanx for the timely reply, but "filez" didn't work either!
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    thanks for tip ducati. after following your instructions AND soft resetting--it worked. and I just bought tix!
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    gee, a fatal, and hard reset and hours of recovering and reconfiguring data fixed evreything!! who says owning a treo can't be ALL fun and games. seriously though, who gives a crap about any of those pqa's when i realized a have a webpage book marked with virtually all of those sights on (the pages are identical to the pqas even). oh well.. i digress :|
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    actually here is the a mobile (looks better on treo) link to most of these "pqas". except the mapquest link sucks. i've also included a better link for mapquest!

    pqa type links

    mapquest BEST VERSION!

    and i just figured out the first link i posted is afilliated with palm. so most of the pqas you'll find on, you can find in the links on the "internet directory" " page (i originally got the url from "pocket link" webbrowser. it came with it)
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    If you're using Vision, try - I used it yesterday to find a listing for "Gangs of New York" (an excellent but long movie).

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