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    I have been searching for a secure holder for my Treo in the car. Most of the "universal" holders for cell phones are too small for the Treo. But I just found something unexpected at Office Depot.

    Its called a HandStands Sticky Pad. Its a sticky vinyl pad you stick to your dash or other car surface, and it keeps the Treo from sliding around. In my car there is a more or less horizontal place between the seats that works well -- this won't hold your Treo vertically, and on top of the dash is no good for using it., so you need the right surface in the car But there is literally nothing to "afixing" the Treo or taking it out, I can plug in the car charger, I can see the screen if I am driving and a call comes in, I can easily pick up the Treo to dial then replace it, the earphone reaches comfortably to my ear, and the Treo and wires aren't in my way while I am driving.

    Won't work for everyone but works for me . . . and cost $5.
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    Woh. That's cool. And for $5, I'm game. Buying one tomorrow.
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    Hm... I didn't think that thing would be that useful. I guess I just don't trust friction to keep my Treo from meeting its maker.
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    Got one at CompUSA and I love it! Works very well on my dashboard. My only complaint (and very minor at that) is my ear bud cord needs to be about six inches longer so my Treo doesn't fly off my dash when I turn (cord gets caught in steering column).
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    Might be a good idea IF you have a place for it. My dash is too vertical and I don't have any good place to put one of these. I use a cupholder in my minivan to hold my Treo and it works fine ... till I need the cupholder.
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    I would think car manufacturers would wise up and actually make universal pda/cell phone holders for their vehicles. I live in L.A. and every other car I see has someone on the phone either using an earpiece or holding the phone.

    We can't stop people from using the phone while on the road, but there has to be a safer way to use it on the road.

    Here's a tip: Whenever possible, please just pull over (even for a couple minutes) if you have to answer your phone. Those two minutes can save you from an accident, a debilitating injury, or even someone's life. Don't think it can't happen to you.

    The jury is still out on how much cell phone usage while driving affects cognition and motor function, but it is already known how much more likely you are crash while juggling the task of talking on the cell phone and driving:

    A 1997 article published in the New England Journal of Medicine linked the use of cell phones in motor vehicles to a quadrupled risk of collision
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    actually there is a much safer way but right now its too expensive. needs to be integrated with our regular cel phone.

    i have onstar personal calling in my buick (still can't believe i've reached buick age). to make a call i reach up and push a button and say 'call home' and it does. uses the radio speakers.

    there should just be an adapter for our regular cel phones so you plug it into this system when you get in the car.

    i'm sure it's like the mythical technology for car engines that run on water, the oil companies keep it quashed. i suppose the phone companies want us to have to buy all these extra services for as long as they can get away with it...
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    Back in the day of analog phones I had a Motorola and cradle in my car that when the phone was placed in the cradle it would charge the phone, allow me to use speaker phone and placed the phone in such a way it was easy to read and dial with one hand. That has been one of my biggest complaints with todays phones.... I HATE universal holders.. you then have to have an extra wire that you have to manually plug in for the phone to charge and makes a mess of your car. Thats how most home wall chargers are now a stupid plugin that you have to have lying across your desk that usually ends up breaking. I want a cradle!

    Sorry, turned into a rant... I feel better .

    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.
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    Check out the proclip holders they rock!!!
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    I second the motion on great, and customized for your car and the Treo!

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