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    I just discovered this traffic website that caters to PDAs. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you'll find many useful traffic maps, plus webcam images of traffic (that I haven't tried yet). The maps are quite viewable on the small Treo's screen. I think the images were customized for PocketPC size screens though. It also covers many other major cities.

    These traffic maps alone make having a PDA connected to the internet worthwhile!
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    Now if they would only make it to include New York and New Orleans!
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    this is an EXCELLENT find. Thanks!
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    For Houston is a good site and it has a mobile section as well.
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    Here is another that shows any CHP responses in CA. I've used it from my Treo300 to figure out which lane to be in during a traffic jam resulting from a big crash on the I-10 way past Pomona over Thansgiving weekend. You can refresh every minute or two to get the updates.
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    Thanks for the excellent links.
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    Originally posted by paz5559
    Now if they would only make it to include New York and New Orleans! has the best info for the NY metro area, but the site/service is awkward to directly access via Blazer. Using one one the newspapers for a gateway, gets you the data and the only drawback is some scrolling thru non-traffic top of the web page stuff. "" works and has all the metro info..
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    Well the first two sites mentioned didn't seem to work very well either in AvantGo or in Blazer for me. Too bad I guess because they were great on the desktop.
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    Real time traffic cams all over NYC:

    Works great with blazer.
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    The first site I posted has worked fine for me. I load up the traffic maps from Blazer. It is a little bit of a strain on the eye though.

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