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    As long as you only wash it gently with dish soap, the glue seems to stay and not get washed off. Here is how I do it.

    1. Apply two small pieces of tape to each end of the protector. These will be your handles when you are putting on the protector.

    2. Drop a dot of dish soap on the protector then get it wet. I use my finger to get it nice and clean and then rinse with hot watter.

    3. To Dry, I just shake them. This gets most of the water off of them. I don't completely dry the protector. I wouldn't do this on a 515 since it is front lit and not sealed but on my Sony and Treo it was fine.

    4. Take one last look at the screen to make sure it is completely dust free and re-clean if necessary. I then apply the protector (using your tape handles) with a little bit of water still on them. The tiny amount of water seems to help when you smoth out the bubbles with a credit card.

    5. If you do get a piece of dust on the bottom, use your tape handle to lift the corner of the protector up and use another piece of tape to remove the dust. I usually have at least one piece under there.

    6. Remove your tape handles and clean the protector.

    Another tip to keep from getting lint on them is to do it in the bathroom with the shower running.
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    Hey Jake, thanks for all the answers regarding washing brando's. The tape thing will definitely help. I appreciate the help.

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    the best screen cleaner and polish in my opinion is brillianize. It's great for plexiglass, mirrors, window tint etc....
    The stylus glides very smoothly across the screen!
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    Another one to try is Plexus. This is what I used on my convertible windows and plastic lenses on my car for years. I also use it on my screens on all of my pda's. In fact, thats what I clean both the original screen and my when equiped, my screen protectors.

    Most plastic polishs such as plexus and probably brilliantize are just spray waxes. For a cheaper, easier to find alterative to these products, you can use Pledge with or without the lemon scent. Same stuff.

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    for 7 bucks i got a pda cleaning kit that came with a set of wet and dry cleaning napkins, 2 cotton terry cloths to dry, a special applicator towel and a bottle of cleaning solution. look for it in the pda section. works like a charm!
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