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    Now it's time to find the best 300 deal. I am already with Sprint, but do not have a contract. Does anybody know if/how to get the Amazon deal ($200 off) since it's for new activation only? I could always cancel my service, but that would kinda suck. Is there a way around this? I am planning on upgrading from a $79 plan to the $85 + $10 plan... Or does anyone know of maybe an independent dealer in the L.A. area that has a good price? Thanks!
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    if you've been wth sprint a long time and can talk to their retentions department, then you have some real bargaining power. ask for a $200 credit for a new phone and they'll give it to you. make a list of other features you want: first incoming free, 8pm nights, etc. but of course you will need to agree to a contract. please post what you eventually get.
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    Generally when you "upgrade" from one plan to another, they cancel your current plan and start you on a new one.
    Now if that's the case, I believe several people have called sprint, asked them to cancel their current plans so they can start a "new" plan with the same number.
    It's a bit of a gamble in that if it doesn't come across as completely kosher with Amazon, they will deny the rebate

    Originally posted by shuganut
    I am planning on upgrading from a $79 plan to the $85 + $10 plan... Or does anyone know of maybe an independent dealer in the L.A. area that has a good price? Thanks!
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    Based on a rec from this website, I followed a link to There I found all sorts of info re cancellation/retension plans available only from the cancellation department. You will see what people have gotten when they threaten to cancel is far better than what you would have dreamed of asking.

    Mine ended up being $85/mo. I got a $200 service credit, my first month free, 2000 anytime minutes plus 180 bonus minutes monthly (total of 2180 anytime minutes) 3000 nights and weekend minutes, unlimited PCS to PCS minutes, first incoming minute free, nights starting at 8pm, and unlimited Vision for no additional fee.

    As a cautionary note, when I asked for these concessions from the initial CSR in the cancellation department, I was told it would be impossible. Only after I asked for a supervisor was I able to get these deals. As stated in an earlier post, I did have to sign a contract for a year, but hey, next year, I will do the same thing.

    Also, please note that they have different options available to them different months. Mine were given to me in December, so I am assuming they are still available. If you read posts on the aforementtioned website, make sure they are reasonaably recent, cause asking for plans someone else got in May is pointless.

    Hope that helps.
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    Try printing out the Amazon deal and taking it to one of your local National Chains like Best Buy or Circuit City. I did that and got it for $349 with a free $50 Gift Card bringing it to $299. The only rebate I have to wait for is the $50 from Sprint. So, in the end, I will have paid even less than Amazon without having to wait for their rebate. Most stores are pretty anxious to write anything they can right now. If one doesn't want to do it, try a different chain or even just another location of the same chain. Alot depends on the Store Manager and what one will write, another won't.
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    I mail ordered mine from . They have stores in several cities and you may be able to pricematch locally. They have it for 350.00 and no activation required.
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    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The advice to call the retention department and go to was VERY valuable. I called Sprint and changed my plan to the $85/2000 minutes vision plan, unlimited nights and weekends at no charge, and bonus 180 minutes. Since I also set this up to be a shared plan with my husband, they would not go for the the nights starting at 8pm or the free incoming minute. Maybe if I talked to a supervisor, but I'm happy with what I got. AND I got a total of $300 off of 2 Treos. They are currently running a discount of $50, so the phones came out the same as Amazon...$299 each. I went to the Sprint store, got the phones and activated them there, and now I'm waiting for them to charge.
    So once I get up and running I will surely be back with questions and to share info. Thanks a lot for all the advice!
    p.s. Is the sms working, or do I need to download an outside application?

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