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    Is anyone else having trouble maintaining a data connection with their Vision plan? I recently signed up for the unlimited plan and made sure I paid the extra $10.00 a month to avoid a contract. This way I have time to make sure the service works properly. So far, it hasn't and I can't seem to hold a data connection.

    I called a Sprint Tech who had me reset my data connection and it's still slow and times out. Just wondering if others are having this problem with the service, or maybe my device is defective?
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    look through the threads on this board for a number of extensive discussions. sprint has had some issues related to over-taxed networks in some areas as they have added users. if it's any consolation, it has cleared up completely for me (long island, NY) but others are still reporting difficulties in other areas.

    its definitely growing pains in many cases. read through those other threads and if the descriptions seem to be something different from what you are having, then you probably want to take it further. if it sounds the same, just keep reporting it to sprint and they seem to eventually catch up with their growth.
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    I have had issues in Columbus, OH, but they to have cleared up.
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    yes indeed, this matter has been covered ad nauseum in other threads (some started by me, I must admit). My main gripe is that things worked GREAT in my area (Dallas area) until just before Thanksgiving. After that time, been very hit or miss. More miss than hit.
    Interestingly, a recent trip to the Denver area had the data connection almost never dropping. Maybe I need to move...
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    I am here in Belle Harbor, Queens, NYC and I have had alot of try later messages but no disconnects. At work in Nassau County, no problems at all.
    Bruce in Belle Harbor.

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