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    I am a new Treo 300 user. I have used a Visor in the past and always backed up on to a 8MB backup expansion card, which allowed me to save applications.

    On my Treo 300, while I have not had to hard reset YET, I am concerned. I do hot sync on a regular basis. With the Visor that only backed up data and not applications. Is anything different now that there is no expansion slot for a backup card?

    When I moved data from my old Visor to my Treo, most applications were transferred, which leads me to believe that some applications were backed up. However, some I had to beam or reload from my PC.

    Am I safe or do I need something like Backup Buddy?


    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    Backup Buddy is a great application, but try the freeware program FILEZ first and you can set the backup parameter for all your files or individual files. In version 5.04 (09/13/2002) you can now go to menu and choose select-select all which places a checkmark in front of all your files (i.e. data and application). Then go to your menu and select set and backup on. This will set the backup parameter for all your files.

    I use both programs as Backup Buddy as numerous other functions. Hope this helps.
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    I have hard-resetted a few times, each restoring all data and applications with no special effort on my part. Made the best of a bad situation really.
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    My casual experience is that most stuff gets back up without any special effort, although certain important things do not unless the backup bit has been set, for example:

    -some apps require re-entry of authorization codes (eg Chess Tiger and Undupe, if I remember correctly, and some more)

    -pictures and videos related to Fireviewer did not get backed up
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    Just so you are aware....

    Without an enhanced backup conduit such as Backup Buddy, HotSync Manager will NOT back up data base files (.PDBs of type DATA) that are assoicated with any any application on your device which has a conduit.

    We always recommend that people use Backup Buddy or something similar that overrides that rule and can backup all data files.

    On top of that, backup buddy keeps the backup directory of hotsync manager more of a mirror of what is currently on your device. Any files that get "deleted" from the device are moved to an "Archive" subdirectory. Therefore, when you do a hard reset, only those files which existed on your device on the last backup get restored. With the vanilla HotSync Manger, it keeps every file ever installed on your device in the backup directory, so you may have space issues when doing a hard reset, or at the least end up with a bunch of files you thought that you had already deleted back on the device.


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