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    I am considering buying the Freespeak but I don't understand how it gets its power. What is involved with charging the unit and how long does the charge last. Since I am mostly in my car, does it come with a car charger or am I going to be faced with times where my treo has charge but my headset is conking out?
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    The Freespeak has a charger that is attached to the transmitter (which is what you connect to your Treo300). The earpiece goes into the transmitter also to charge it. The stand-by time is about 100 hours and talk time is about 4 hours (and those seem pretty accurate for me although YMMV). I too spend a lot of time in my car, so I asked Jabra about a car charger. They said they were going to come out with one in 1Q 03. For me, using the Freespeak in my vehicle and in my home office is great. I have found it not as useful when walking around, but I also do not prefer to talk on my phone while walking.
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    i use my freespeak 90% of the time in the car and have no problems with it. i charge my unit every night and seems to be fine durring the day. i also e mailed jabra about a car charger for unit.


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