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    Is there a way to send/receive nokia compatible picture message or MMS?
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    Yes, but you can only do this using IR. The program is called eMood Messenger.
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    Hello all
    I sent an eMail to eMood Messenger creator asking about the support for Treos in their future releases and I get this reply...:

    Hi Alkandery
    Thanks for the compliment about our software, eMood Messenger.
    We have tried many times to work with Handspring to make eMM works on SmartphoneTreo. Unfortunately, their product sare desesperately closed to EMS since Handspring didn't open its APIs enough in order to implement such technology.
    We are going to contact them again regarding eMM on Treo. So we need your support.
    Do not hesitate to send emails to handspring (DTS or others) asking them to help us make eMM works on Treo (cc us if needed).
    The more emails the more chances we could be heard by them.
    Thanks in advance
    So, I hope all of us to send eMails to Handspring to help them and others who are trying to make our life more easier with our Treos..

    thanks a lot in advance & Best regards,,,,

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