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    I just got a jabra for christmas. It is the BT200 headset and adaptor for non bluetooth phones. Its the one for any phone except a nokia phone.

    My problem is that there is a high pitched noise in the headset and in the phone of the person I'm calling. Also the volume is very low in the ear piece.

    my factory headset works fine with the treo and the jabra works real well with my office phone.

    So do I have the wrong kind of jabra or can something be done to fix this?
    Matt Kelly
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    If I understand your description correctly, I believe you have the wrong model. Does the adapter have 3 black rings on the plug, or just 2? To work properly with your Treo, it needs 3. You need the one FOR Nokia phones.

    Hope this helps!
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    I do believe you have the wrong one. You need the unit that specifically works with Nokia's. The model number is 100-91430000-02. This has been documented many times in the forum. Take it back and get the unit for the Nokia.
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    Ok. Thanks guys. I don't know if best buy has the one for nokia phones but I'll take this one back and get the proper one.
    Matt Kelly
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    If they don't have it, I got mine based on a rec from a member of this board at for $124.50 (MSRP is $179)

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