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    anyone know an app that can connect to Imap email servers??

    pop really sucks and I have 4 Imap accounts I would love to use on my treo..

    imap is the best way to get email because you can go from home to work to school and hopefully to your phone and have the exact same image on all of them keeping everything at the same level.
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    Iambic Mail supports IMAP.
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    Well, there is IMAP and then there is IMAP. What I mean by this is there are several e-mail clients that currently support IMAP (Basejet and 2bA come to mind). Unfortunately, none have the full IMAP implementation (i.e. IMAP folder support, synchronized deletions, sent items automatically going to the sent items folder, etc.). All of these clients promise these feature sometime in the future. I have found the best IMAP implementation for my needs is Basejet because the client at least reflects the accurate contents of the IMAP message store.
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    SnapperMail will be supporting this in the new year, or so I'm told. I'm anxious to get this IMAP support (FULL) as well so I can get my Lotus Notes mail on my Treo 270 easier and with Auto Fetch using SnapperMail.

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