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    Just wondering if anybody is having this problem...

    When I go to the Sprint PCS messaging site and send to XXXXXXXXXX a message, my Treo will beep letting me know that a message has arrived.

    However, when I do the same thing from Outlook and send a message to my Treo will not beep as it did when a text message was sent from the Sprint site.

    This would be really helpful to me if I could have Outlook process certain rules to let me know when I have certain messages, but it does me no good if I cannot hear the notification that was sent to me Treo.

    Anybody having this trouble and if so, did you figure out anything to fix it?


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    often when im using the treo a message pops up saying retreving incoming short messsage... it then goes away. I load SMS and i dont see it in there. where can I see those messages??

    It only seems to pop up when Im on 3g in an active data connection
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    I certainly have had my share of SMS problems but for the last month things seem to be working fine. I had some troubles in not being able to count on receiving a beep from the Sprint PCS email web site so I started sending my own alerts from one of my desktop Macintosh computers. I set up Claris Em@iler to redirect my email to the messaging address and it works fine 99.9% of the time besides giving me the first few lines of the email instead of check your PCS mail. I have also found that what your Treo 300 is surrounded by makes a difference. For instance if my Treo 300 is on my hard surface kitchen counter the beep is loud and clear but if it is in one of my clothes pockets that has a soft lining I might not make the beep out at all. For that reason I also have my Treo 300 set to vibrate when I get mail. Other than using my Sprint PCS email address and messaging address I try to use as little of Sprint PCS software as possible as I find I just can't rely on it. Being a macfan I have also found that I can't rely on Micro$oft software either and most of Sprint PCS software is based on that.
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    Originally posted by mlwilliams

    Anybody having this trouble and if so, did you figure out anything to fix it?

    I have a similar problem. Some SMS messages that I receive cause a "beep" and vibration. Others only cause my 300 to vibrate. This happens even when I have the sound switched on.

    - Guynn

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