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    Hello. I am a 270, T-Mobile user (yeah!). I am going on a trip to China/Korea/Australia next year (I hope). Can I and How can I use my USA Treo in those countries (using a wireless service)?
    Thanks much pals! m00se
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    You just have to ask your carrier to turn on international roaming in your account (you might already have it on). The only problem is that Korea does not have any GSM coverage, the other countries do.
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    Thanks. I will check with T-Mobile regarding roaming. Does it mean that The Treo is ready for the GSM networks in China or Australia even though they have a different GSM frequencies than the US?
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    Outside of North America, the world uses GSM 900/1800. The Treo is GSM 900/1900. So the Treo will use GSM 900 in China and Australia.
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    either CSL or Orange prepaid SIM card there with my Treo270. I don' think other providers work, but these two definitely work.
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    Here's some more info. about GSM roaming:
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    Originally posted by paulweiss
    Here's some more info. about GSM roaming:
    Thanks much!

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