Love the phone but I am spending all of xmas day tring to get the hotsync to work.
First install the USB detected my phone and sync'd. then it asked me to reset the phone. did and done.
Then I tried to hotsync again, Win error GPF.
went through the procedures in the book....
no changed.
alled Sprint went through the procedures again upto a hard reset
same thing happened.
Sprint said it my PC or the cable; take it to a sprint store and try it there.
So I tried the process on my 2nd win98 machine... same results.
question... well several....
Are their any patches from mirosoft?
Does anyone know of conflicting software?
Am I the only person in the world who had this problem?
Am I the last person still running win98?
Is there and updated hotsync program?
Can anyone help.