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    My treo crashed while browsing with blazer a couple of days ago. Now whenever I try to start blazer, I get the following error:

    Fatal alert

    MemoryMgr.c,Line:4390,Invalid handle

    I also discovered that I get the same error whenever I try to get "info" under the "App" menu.

    I do not think I installed any software just before the error began. Does anyone know how to get rid of it, or at least whom I can contact to get relevant advice?
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    I had the same problem about two weeks ago. I called Sprint technical support and got nowhere. They told me to return the phone to the nearest Sprint retail store for service. (By the way, The Sprint people in my local store claim to have never SEEN a Handspring before!)

    After 3 more phone calls to Sprint PCS technical support with similar clueless non-answers, I performed a hard reset and then re-synch-ed with my PC. The problem hasn't returned.


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