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    Ever since I have had my Treo (about a month now) I have tried a number of ways to send myself a SMS message. I tried the SprintPCS web site, a few web sites dedicated to sending SMS messages as well as sending a message from my wife's Sprint PCS phone (Samsung 4900). All of which never made it to my Treo 300.

    Today, at about noon, or a bit before, I received all of them all at once. What happened? Has anyone else experienced this today or previously?

    I, for one, am very confused about SMS. It doesn't appear like I should count on it to work if I do use it.

    I appreciate any comments.

    p.s. I am in S.E. Wisconsin (if that makes any difference)
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    From my understanding, it was a "known system issue" due to some kind of data corruption in their system that held all those messages back. Supposedly after somekind of upgrade they performed or something. It happened to me for about 2 weeks and then all of a sudden here they come one right after another Christmas Eve. Funny thing was that I wasn't getting my voice mail notifications either and when I called Tech Support and reported that they fixed something and reset both my numbers so that I would get voice mail notification and it fixed my Treo too.

    Hope that is helpful.
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    so even with treo300sms you still cant see messages FROM sprint people.

    I can send to anyone and they see it fine, but sprint responses are just a link to the website still???

    btw if u use treo300sms erase ur shortlist on sprint's site or treo300sms will send you 200 messages's telling you to do so

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