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    I'm wondering if there's a wireless USB adaptor I can get for my computer and Treo cradle. I usually unload my keys, etc. downstairs and would always charge my phones in a cradle there as well. I'm wondering if I can get an adaptor for my Treo cradle downstairs that would communicate to my computer upstairs and perform a Hot Sync?
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    If you have paid the extra $10/month for Vision then you could use the Network hotsync function to sync over the 'net. There are at least two threads on this topic and one of them is very detailed. The reply by Shimatani Hiro in the "Wireless HotSync" thread (in How To/Troubleshooting) is excellent.

    It is worthwhile to set this up in case of a crash while on the road.
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    it is definitely worth the time to set up - my first few days with the treo and loading/deleting all the software I did made for quite a few crashes on the go

    it really helps to know that if I MUST hard-reset and lose everything, I at least have a way to connect wirelessly into my home pc and get whatever I had at last sync restored right there on the spot (of course minus anything you might have added since the last sync)

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