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    I had the '6035 and it ran 3.5.3. I cannot understand how a NEW device that JUST came out 3 years later is still running 3.5 Kyocera did not want to update the OS because the 7135 was coming out. but why cant HANDSPRING the creator of this device who is hand and hand with Palm update this for 4.0 or the current 5.0.

    3.5 limits so much of what you can do. Its like having win98 right now rather then xp!

    --does anyone know the advantages of OS's later then 3.5 and if so will software soon require later versions???
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    Not sure if you are making a statement or asking a question.

    Statement - "3.5 limits so much of what you can do."

    Question - "does anyone know the advantages of OS's later then 3.5"

    So I guess if you are already limited so much by 3.5, then you already know the answer to your question. Perhaps you could post for others what you have found so limiting?

    BTW: There is a section in the Handspring FAQ that explains why they don't use OS4. Apparently they implemented many of the OS4 features themselves and put them in the Handspring 3.5 version.
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    I believe I read that AvantGo does not work yet on 5.0.
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    The big advantages come with OS5 and then it is simply behind the scenes stuff, like support for a new class of processors. The Treo doesn't use those processors so there is no need (or ability?) to use 5.
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    5.0 needs a much faster processor than the treo has. I don't really know what 4.0 can do diffrent. BTW, I would much rather have win 98 than the troublesome xp
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    not to digress, but i use win 98SE for my office network and laptop, only mess around with XP on my stand-alone at home.

    considering the phones are on a big giant network, that analogy may actually be valid - better to stick with proven compatible technology than have bugs a-plenty trying to use all the latest bells and whistles...
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    I'd rather have xp than 98, but only notable thing os4 has over 3.5x is SD/MMC support.
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    so all the research and dev. palm puts into the new os's which drives the pda industry are that since 3.5 came out they have spent over 2 years adding memory support?
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    Well there was that whole creating OS 5 thing too
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    Palmsource has been severely criticized in the industry for taking a long time get OS5 out the door with less than anticipated feature content.
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    Originally posted by mrgarza
    I would much rather have win 98 than the troublesome xp
    Hahahaha! You've got to be joking....

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