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    I'm having two random problems with SMS.

    The first is that occasionally, I will get the (first part of the) headers of an email message as an SMS, rather than the message itself. I've played with this a little bit, and haven't been able to isolate a cause. Anybody know what it is?

    Also, maybe one time in five, I'll get the "retrieving message" beep, but then it won't come back with the actual message. Sometimes I can unstick it by sending myself an SMS, but that only works about half the time.

    I haven't been able to see a pattern for either of these. Anybody have any clues?

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    I've experienced the second problem you mention. There seems to be some delay in the system - I get that message saying that the system is retrieving the SMS, but then nothing will come through....or it will after a few minutes. It makes for frustrating SMS "conversations". Hopefully, someone will have a solution. I was going to go back to my Treo300SMS documentation and see if they have any ideas. Best of luck.
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    The second problem will happen if your data connection has timed out and Treo hasn't realized it. The 'new shortmail' SMS arrives, Treo300SMS intercepts it. It tries to connect out to the proxy to retrieve the shortmail, but because the data connection is 'hung' (probably timed out due to inactivity by Sprint, without the Treo realizing it), it can never retrieve it.

    There may be other causes of this behavior, but that's the one I encounter.

    The only 'workaround' I've seen for this is to disconnect from the data network when I'm done using data for a while.

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