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    I live in upstate NY near albany and currently have a cingular plan. My phone just died and I really would like a Treo, but when I punch in my zip nothing comes up. Since these phones work all over the nation is there anyway that I can get this phone to work in upstate NY?

    It should be noted that I go to college in Rochester NY too.
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    I'm in Clifton Park and my 180 works fine with T-Mobile. In and around Albany there isn't any problem. Outside of Albany, there are some substantial dead areas--not much coverage in the Adirondacks, and the corridor between Albany and Binghamton is pretty sparse as well. Most of the NYS Thruway corridor works, however, so I would guess that Rochester would be OK (though I have no first hand experience there).

    If you're off Cingular and interested in learning more about coverage, visit the T-Mobile store on Wolf Road. I don't think they sell Treos there, though.
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    Hi...I was one of the first in the area to get my Treo! I love it. In any case...

    As the previous poster noted coverage in Albany, Schen, Troy, Clifton Park and Saratoga is very good. Coverage on the 'Pike to Boston is also good. Coverage on the Thruway is good south and west but off the thruway forget about it.

    My college roommate is now in Rochester (and Europe) - he has a 270. GSM service became avail in the Rochester area over the summer and is getting better. There are some deadspots between Syracuse and Rochester on the Thruway but no too bad.

    Right now T-Mo is the only choice for GSM but Cingular is set to deploy GSM in the Capital Region any time now - though they may just "rent" T-Mo's towers. Either way you might want to talk to a Cingular rep before jumping carriers.

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