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    does anyone out there know what the specific problem is that i need to tell sprint tier 11 why i cant receive sms (text) messages on my 300...these goofs tell me everything under the sun....if anyone had the prob, got it fixed, and knows the problem concretely...pls advise....i suspect they didnt activate me properly under the vision plan...have verichat beta and cant use...killing me watching all u happy faces
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    question 1 of course is do you have a copy of treosms that is working to receive and send messages. I believe you need that to working first before verichat will work.

    Also is the problem that no matter what medium you use to send yourself a message it is not recieving a message ---. ie-sprint website, text message from your voicemail, email message to your phone, sms number to your phone number only.
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    I had the same problem when I first got my Treo but I was switching over from a Sprint 2G phone/service to a Treo/Vision service. The problem was that they had incorrectly routed SMS messages to an incorrect ESN. Make sure you use the words Text Messaging since tech support first said they did not support SMS when I first mentioned that to them (thinking that it was 2-way SMS). It took me 1 1/2 weeks and many calls to clear this problem up. They kept closing the trouble ticket (without telling or confirming with me) and I had to keep calling them. I hope that they can fix this for you faster than they did for me. Good luck.
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    thks guys....yes i have treo sms and i can send messages, just cant receive....i cant send from sprint website, from any external email, or phone....horrible...and yes chemist, appreciate the advice...learned long long ago to just say its a text messaging prob, to avoid being told the treo doesnt support sms....think they activated my phone improperly...but sprint doesnt have a clue...been 2 weeks myself

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