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    After trying out numerous launchers (Launcher III, Launcher X, Launch 'Em, ZLauncher) and hacks (McPhling, EasyLaunch, Switcheroo, Treobuttons), I've found that the feature that I liked/wanted the most was the ability to launch an application _without_ having to go back to a launcher. I'm happy, for the most part with McPhling and EasyLaunch, but I think a better hack that takes advantage of the Treo keyboard (or for those with Newpen or RecoEcho, graffiti) would be nice. I envision a hack that does the following:

    - Hack is launched with a key-combo or jog dial press
    - You can then type in the application you would like to launch. (The launch hack will do auto-fill in).
    - Hit enter to launch the application.

    Actually, it should function a lot like Start->Run in Windows. I like this type of hack, because that way I don't have to remember all the different key combos and "Recent Apps" hacks like MacPhling sometimes doesn't work for me (e.g., the application I want to get to is the 11th most recently used app and doesn't appear on my recent apps list.)

    I've searched for this type of hack, but haven't found it. Has someone already created this type of hack?

    BTW, the Fast Find option in ZLauncher is great. This is the type of functionality I'm looking for, but I don't want to go back to the Application Launcher first to get to it.

    Sorry for the long post...
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    Go to Palmgear and look for megawiki. Not sure how configurable it could be for a husband uses it on his Clie and what you've described is exactly how he uses it.
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    Having said that, I went to take a look for myself. The first review is from a Treo 270 user. Hrmm....I might try this myself!
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    MegaWiki isn't quite what I'm looking for (well, from my 10 minutes of MegaWiki research). It looks like a very powerful application, but it's takes a bit of customization and tweaking to get it going. I'm just looking for something that will work like Start->Run out of the box.

    Here's how I envision using it to launch an application like XMaster:

    Hold down the menu key for > 1 sec (to open the pop-up window)
    Type X, M, and <enter> key.

    Again, most of the time a hack like McPhling will do just fine getting me to the application I want to launch, but it would be nice to have the ability to launch _any_ application I want to without having to go to applications screen.
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    Did you try PowerJog? You press and hold the jog rocker and a menu pops up for various functions - one of them is to launch an app, and the most recently launched apps appear first. It can be a little awkward to use, but you don't have to remember any special key combinations.

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    I use CoLauncher which lets you assign apps to keys. It's basically an app, so I mapped it to a hard-key. Now two strokes gets me to over 30 apps.
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    try switcheroo - it's the perfect launcher app for the treo (and you can't beat the price!):
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    Hi Markdinh,

    There is such a program that you have described. It's called Speedy 2.4. Upon launching the Speedy program (with the opt buttons or other hacks such as EasyLaunch), you type the name of the program you want to launch. And the list of candidates are shown on the screen, reducing with each letter you press. Once a unique program has been typed, it is automatically launched.

    There are other little tricks it uses also which makes the operations even better. Play with it and see if you like it.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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    Speedy 2.4 is exactly what I'm looking for,'s not a DA, but an app.

    It's a pretty nice app and loads fairly quickly, but not as quickly as a DA would. In the meantime, I'm going to assign this to one of my quick launch buttons
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    Originally posted by markdinh

    Actually, it should function a lot like Start->Run in Windows.
    There is GoBar:

    However, I believe that you always have to switch back to the Launcher to get the functionality of the Start bar. You can't just use it from an application to switch to another application.
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    After trying most of the apps and hacks etc. recommended above, I like McPhling the best!!!

    I must say I was put off by the name and it made me pass this hack up before. It sounded like a joke from the author equating switching programs with crudely and flamboyantly picking one's nose or spitting phlegm, so I guess I subconsciously thought to myself that it couldn't be much of a polished product, but boy was I wrong! Its setup screens are very intuitive and attractive and once assigned to the right-most hard button on my Treo, it pretty much entirely takes the place of going to the Applications program. I never quite understood the attraction of fancying the Launch app up with Launcher X and III etc. when what I wanted was a fast and reliable way to go directly from one app to the next. McPhling presents an attractive popup list from which you select with the scroll up or down buttons and launch with the space bar.

    And there's nothing gross or crude about the screens.

    The poor guy should change the name and he'd probably sell a lot more copies and maybe even merit a higher price!


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!

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