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    Anybody know of a program that all it does is just disconnects you from data? As it is now I either have to dig into the Prefs screens to disconnect or open an application like Blazer and tell it to disconnect. Very cumbersome.

    I'd love to be able to just tap an application icon and have my Treo disconnect from Vision. Any ideas?
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    Try /D
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    I dont understand the whole data connection.... when I use the ww on the sanyo 4900 I goto a website and it connects with my vision account then loads the page.

    with the treo300 u need to click on a button to have it connect. OK but it then is connected forever??? can you make or take calls while in data mode?? you cant with a 4900
    and if you can why ever disconnect????
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    this is not a perfect solution, but if you set blazer to automatically disconnect, then obviously, when you are using blazer to surf, it disconnects. when you are using something else, like AIM or whatever, and you exit, just tap the blazer button and then hit one of the hard buttons, like the phone button, without waiting for blazer to load, and it disconnects.

    also, be aware that xiino has a disconnect button on its screen.

    personally, i re-programmed the blazer hard button to be my launcher (megalauncher) so i just tap the blazer icon, then press what used to be the blazer button, and it disconnects.

    for the record and for anyone who is wondering why bother disconnecting, the answer for me has been that some programs, like aim, have a hard time using the 'dormant but connected' grey arrows state. they just hang. so you end up having to disconnect and re-connect at that point anyway, which sort of negates the benefit of the 'always on' connection.

    however, in general it sort of bothers me to leave it always connected anyway.
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    We are on the same page. I'm a VeriChat beta tester and sometimes Sprint's servers will automatically disconnect me from Vision after a few hours of inactivity... but like you said my Treo doesn't always realize it. Having a quick way to disconnect would be useful so that whenever I'm done using VeriChat for a while I can make sure the Sprint timeout doesn't confuse my Treo.

    What we really need is for someone to just write a little app that just disconnects and quits. That way we could just click on an icon and that's it. Or even better, associate the app with a hardware button to disconnect. It would be rediculously easy for a Palm programmer to do.
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    Try reset netlib to automatically disconnect from a data connection with your Treo. Works great with my 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydrubin View Post
    Try reset netlib to automatically disconnect from a data connection with your Treo. Works great with my 650.
    You say "automatically disconnect".....
    What is the trigger that causes it to happen (i.e. end of phone call, etc.)

    Or, do you have to MANUALLY run the program ?
    (which if is the case.... seems to render it less-than-automatic....)

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    I use reset-netlib all the time... it doesn't automatically disconnect you; you have to run it. I use it in conjunction with Butler's keylauncher, so holding down X disconnects me from the network whenever I want.

    You could also check out Treo 600 CM (only works on a Treo 600, I think) or TreoHelper, both of which are free and have auto-disconnect capabilities. CM works great on my Treo 600; haven't tested TreoHelper.


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