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    This is driving me nuts. I have the Treo 300 and have been using it fine with OSX 10.2. I reinstalled my Palm desktop s/w to try to get the Note Pad to work and now my Treo won't sync with my Powerbook through the USB cable. I CAN still sync with my older Palm III through its USB/Palmconnect.

    This tells me there is a problem with:
    1. The USB cable
    2. The USB Sync on the Mac
    3. The USB Direct to PC on the Treo
    4. The Treo

    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

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    Something similar happened to me - I could sync, but my Treo wouldn't charge. It proved to be a bent pin on the Treo interface. I bought mine from Sprint, and now I don't regret paying the full price, as they include a year's warranty and they swapped it right out with a working model.

    Two things might have contributed to my problem: plugging it in with the leather case on, which meant that I often had to do a little wiggling, or using a third-party cable at work that I picked up on EBay (I suspect the former). To be safe, I now religiously remove the Treo from the cover before syncing/charging and I am optimistic that there's a cradle under my Xmas tree to replace the EBay cable. :-)
    Peter Campbell *
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    Was the bent pin on the Trewo or the cable? I assume the Treo. Could you see the bent pin looking at the Treo conector?

    I've got a cradle on order and expect to get it today but its sounding like its probably a Treo connector problem.

    I bought mine from Radio Shack, I guess I can take it by there and have it checked out.

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    The pin was on the Treo, not the cable. I couldn't see it, but the Sprint Tech could.
    Peter Campbell *

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