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    Hello. New to the board here and I have a quick question. I've had my Treo 90 for a few months now and I just picked up a 16mb mem card.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion on a program to use for File manangement on the card. I would like to be able to create directories and move files around. Right now I can only put files on the card but can not move them around on the card itself. Does this make sense?

    I am looking for a program commercial or free, it doesn't matter. I looked on and there are a few but I would like to hear from people who have actually used them.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well I would recommend that you get FileCaddy. It is from the great David Kessler at Kopsis Engineering and its FREE.
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    McFile is definitely the best. It is not free, but if you use SD/MMC cards, it is worth every dime you pay for it.
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    I like Filez. Freeware and competent at file moving, etc.
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    Thanks all for your responses. I already had Filez installed and I just tried McFile and its great. Definetly worth the $12.00 to register.

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