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    Im TORN between the Samsung i330 and the Treo. Has anybody out there put the two through the test... any insights thanks
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    the treo has this cool bulletin board... what more could you ask?
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    thats one thanks
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    Are you Serious?

    Treo has a keyboard, more colors, more intense developers, better phone app from what i've heard, it comes with Balzer. I am not really sure what i330 has going for it.

    This was the sole i330 review from Amazon

    Samsung had the opportunity to do some real damage here, but chose to cheapen this newer version with only a 256-color display when the competition is using 65,000 color displays.

    While the Handspring Treo 300 has some problems, it is a step in the right direction.

    I love Samsung products, so I was disappointed they didn't do better with this model.
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    Which was the precursor to the I330. From what I read, the I330 is basically a I300 with 1xRTT and GPSone. So, here is what I think...

    I was really disappointed in the I300 once I played with the Treo because they really didn't do much work on a software basis in order to integrate the Palm (and more specifically, the address book) into the phone. They basically took a similar approach to the way thay they would if their address book was ten items long, and ported it to the Palm, which can be thousands of items long. This meant a lot of scrolling to get to people at the end of my address book.

    Additionally, I was just never impressed with the stability of the I300. It just seemed to crash all the time, litterally every couple of days or so. I don't know, maybe the I330 is a little more stable, but I am not sure.

    On the same point, I have been really disappointed in Handspring/Sprint (I am not sure who is to blame) in their lack of support for Sprint's WAP interface on the Treo. The Treo has Blazer, which theoretically supports WAP, but due to the fact that Blazer works from an Handspring hosted gateway, the Treo has no access to the Sprint WAP site (it is firewalled off). This means that some of the important services that you may expect are missing from the Treo 300. Such as Sprint-integrated SMS support, which Sprint provides through a WAP interface. You can receive SMS messages, but can not send them without PDAapps Treo300SMS applcation. But make sure that the person responding isn't sending a responce from a Sprint Vision phone, or your responce will be that you have a message waiting for you on their WAP site (which you can't get to). End result, it is a giant mess.

    Now, their are the more obvious points of the keyboard vs. graffiti, clam-shell vs. brick, 180x180 vs 240x180. I personally like the keyboard, even when I though that I was a graffiti man. I prefer the form factor of the Treo more than the brick aspect of the Samsung. I was disappointed that the Samsung didn't take more advantage of the expanded screen and the soft graffiti area, similar to the way that Sony did with the Clie (the phone app is the only app that takes advantage of it). I do like the fact, though, that the Samsung moves the phone status icons off of the Palm screen, so that the signal and status indicators are available while you are in any application, not just phone-aware apps.

    I also like the fact that Samsung has some features that you exect from a cell phone. I like the replacable battery, which helps on long trips. I like the voice memo feature, although, although in Samsung traditional fashion, it is not integraded with the phone so Hotsync doesn't backup your voice-memos (so when your phone resets, as it will ever week or so, you lose your memos).

    End result, I do prefer the Treo a great deal. I just wish that Sprint and Handspring would make peace and solve their WAP issues. Unless you have a real need for Sprint's proprietary version of SMS, the Treo is a much better phone. The I330 is the phone that Samsung should have released a year ago, and today it is really a "why bother". If I were Sprint, I would focus on the I500.
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    I used a Kyo6035 before I got my Treo. When the I-300 came out, I was tempted, but held out (I was wanting the Kyo7135, but I feel I made the right choice, since I could actually GET a Treo).
    The point about WAP I don't really get - from what I could tell, no one ever really liked ANY kind of WAP-based browsing, and other than SMS (which TreoSMS handles very nicely, thank you) what other useful value did WAP deliver? I guess my thought is that Blazer, combined with the high-speed, mostly always-on data pretty much makes WAP pointless. I can get to just about any HTML, non-Java site. Don't need WAP.
    Right? Of course, since the Treo was my first Sprint device, maybe the I-300 had some stuff enabled by WAP that I don't know about...
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    The problem isn't with WAP - Blazer does WAP, if you prefer the streamlined interface. The problem is that the Sprint-specific WAP content, which included useful things on their PC-accessible web site, such as minutes remaining in your plan and SMS messaging, aren't available to Treo users. And their regular web pages rely very heavily on javascript, that even a javascript-friendly mobile browser like Xiino can't penetrate. So, if you're on the road and want to check your minutes, you'd better borrow a phone. Or borrow a friend's PPC device...

    Bruce - thanks for clearing up why we can't access that site, which I had no problem using with my old Touchpoint 3000. I've asked five people at Sprint support and have gotten zero explanations.
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    Originally posted by pcampbell
    ...The problem is that the Sprint-specific WAP content, which included useful things on their PC-accessible web site, such as minutes remaining in your plan ...So, if you're on the road and want to check your minutes, you'd better borrow a phone. Or borrow a friend's PPC device...
    You can always dial *4 from your phone to check your minutes...
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    Graffiti recognition on my 6035 was really poor after 15 months. I tried to play devil's advocate and find things wrong with the treo, but everytime I visited CompUSA,
    I found the treo had what I wanted. I still visit out of habit, but there's nothing for me to talk about over there. They are happy with their 7135's, and I don't envy them at all. I'm happy with my treo. I do a lot of text entry at work and the thumbpad has made that task easier. With handyshopper, I can keep the lid closed in the store as the program has a one handed mode where the blazer button checks off items that you put in your cart.

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