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    I have seen numerous posts about people being able to hot sync with mac OS 9 either by IR or USB. I can't seem to get either to work...

    1. I am running Microsoft Entourage 2001 and Palm Desktop 2.6 with the Entourage conduit (which replaces the Palm conduits). I use Entourage for everything and then sync through the conduit. this worked fine with both my old Palm (m100) and even my Samsung I-300 (PDA phone from Sprint). but no luck with the Treo 300. can't sync. Any ideas?

    2. Has anyone had any luck doing a regular USB sync with a Palm (i.e. a Zire) and then taking the Palm and shooting over the info via IR to the Treo?

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    Here's part of an email response I got from handspring tech support on the same issue:

    You stated that you are
    receiving the error message "1852402768 synchronization failed". We will
    provide you with a series of steps to resolve your issue. Please follow
    these steps:

    To solve HotSync log error 1852402768, do the following:

    1. Go to the System:Extensions folder.
    2. Find the extension "Palm Conduit Library" and drag it on to your desktop.
    3. With the Palm Conduit Library file highlighted on your desktop, press the
    Apple Key (command key) and Y (this is also found in the menu bar under File
    | Put Away). This action should throw the file back into the extensions
    4. Perform a HotSync operation.

    An alternate solution is offered on the web site:
    <> This solution
    method has not been carefully tested or confirmed by Handspring, use it at
    your own risk.

    THis solved the problem for me, although now I've made the switch to OS 10.2 and don't have the problem anymore.
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    hey all I have lost/Misplaced my entouage CD Does anyone know where I can get the entourage conduits or a copy they could send me.......

    It is all still packed from my last move and I havent located the CD yet hoping someone can help.

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