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    I am considering purchasing a Treo 90. My desktop system is a Mac. I run OSX but have synced palm m500 and Visor Deluxe with no problem in Classic mode.

    But I understand through reading the Handspring site that the Treo 90 will only sync with a Mac in native 9.x mode. That is, i could sync to it, but I'd hafta restart in system 9.2 everytime I want to sync.

    Is this correct? Anyone have any experience with this? Why did my old Visor Deluxe work in Classic mode, yet the 90 won't? This seems very short-sided on Handspring's part. Not to mention I know it doesn't support OSX.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    The Treo 90 will sync with OS X using the handspring update and Palm Desktop 4

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